Gradings and Belts

The rank and belt system in TOGKF are shown in the tables below. A beginner grades to 10th kyu (white belt) and works towards 1st Kyu.
After 1st kyu the next grading is black belt. The black belt or Dan grades start at 1st Dan (Shodan) and go up from there.
Rank Belt Colour
Ungraded White
10th kyu White with one black tab
9th kyu Blue
8th kyu Blue with one black tab
7th kyu Yellow
6th kyu Yellow with one black tab
5th kyu Green
4th kyu Green with one black tab
3rd kyu Brown
2nd kyu Brown with one black tab
1st kyu Brown with two black tabs
Dan Grades Minimum time training since previous grading
1st Dan Black Belt
A minimum of 4 years training Goju Ryu
2nd Dan Black Belt
2 years after Shodan
3rd Dan Black Belt
3 years after Nidan
4th Dan Black Belt
4 years after Sandan
5th Dan Black Belt
5 years after Yondan